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It started as a small Project, but with the eagerness to be more successful, RMFUST became a reality in 1998. We knew exactly what we wanted and what we could provide. Our friends and clients supported us from the beginning, and we are very grateful since then.

During the early years the challenges were constant. The success of our first products forced us to create new ones in a very short time. It was an exciting time full of creativity.

Now, a few years after we gained experience, and we want to keep on learning to give the best. We continue working and providing solutions to showcase your most precious creations.


The balances of simplicity and elegance for the jewels that make you light up.


Manufacturers of boxes and cases lined Luxury Jewelry since 1998. We have a wide collection of cases for jewelry. Plastic, cardboard and wood covered, in different materials , sizes and finishes. Customizable with your logo engraving.

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