Exhibitor Evolution 8

This is another way of exposing, also exquisite.

Model Uses Colours Dimensions (mm)
AN1 AL- Ring (tongue) 00-01-02-03 30x30x45
AN2 AL- Ring (tongue) 00-01-02-03 30x30x60
AN3 AL- Ring (tongue) 00-01-02-03 30x30x75
B6 UN-Universal 00-01-02-03-04 360x300x10
B7 UN-Universal 00-01-02-03-04 140x300x20
B8 UN-Universal 00-01-02-03-04 200x200x400
CI AN-Ring 00-01-02-03-04 32Ø
C02 CJ-Cushion 00-01-02-03 65x70
C05 CJ-Cushion 00-01-02-03 105x110
C5 CO-Necklace 00-01-02-03 150x130x290
C6 CO-Necklace 00-01-02-03 150x130x390
NB1 UN-Universal 00-01-02-03-04 60x60x30
NB2 UN-Universal 00-01-02-03-04 120x120x30
NB3 UN-Universal 00-01-02-03-04 180x180x30
NB4 UN-Universal 00-01-02-03-04 100x100x50
NB5 UN-Universal 00-01-02-03-04 100x100x100
N32 CO-Necklace 00-01-02-03-04 170x200x170
N41 PU-Bracelet  00-01-02-03-04 40x190x40
N81 CO-Necklace 00-01-02-03 150x100x245
N82 CO-Necklace 00-01-02-03 150x100x315
PE4 PE-Earrings 00-01-02-03 50x50x125
PE5 PE-Earrings 00-01-02-03 50x50x80
PE6 PE-Earrings 00-01-02-03 50x50x95
PE7 PE-Earrings 00-01-02-03 50x50x65
PE8 PE-4 Earrings 00-01-02-03 50x45x100
RU1 UN-Universal 00-01-02-03 125x70Ø


00 - Special colours (to consult)

01- Black (Chamel)

02- Dark brown (Raso)

03- Dore (Satin fabric)

04- Cooper (Metallic)

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